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ALTER-NARRATIVE // Unapologetically Me

What sets us apart from other breeds? Is it the fact that we have the ability to
express & assess our emotions in a fluid manner? If so, then why are we
mostly subjected to destructive criticism when we strive to be genuine?
Our brains are diverse, each of us has a different mechanism through which
we interpret things over different wavelengths, then shouldn’t we be allowed
to be raw?
This week, we have curated a list of 8 dynamic numbers in which the artists have ventured into a self-exploration journey to answer all the
above questions, become judgement-free & showcase their outspoken side.

All I Am – Var!n feat. Timeship

MC/Producer VAR!N isn’t one to follow the herd blindly. In ‘All I Am’, he
gets furious over the general catcalling & toxicity by his ‘Used-to-be Idols’ in
the hip-hop universe. Var!n wants to disassociate himself from the world that
divides people apart rather than uniting them & wishes to carve an identity
of his own. The 2 strong forthright verses are subsequently followed by a
gripping hook sung by Siddharth Pradeep a.k.a Timeship. 23-yr old rapper’s
contempt for casteism is spread throughout this track where he also carries
the notion of walking alongside his comrades instead of leading or following.

Dhundho Mujhe – Ramil Ganjoo

“मुझे शिकायत है समाज के उस ढाँचे से, जो इंसान से उसकी इंसानियत छीन लेता है” ( I am against
the functioning of this society that snatches away the humanity from the
humans). This line from Guru Dutt’s monologue in the opening of the 4-
minute enthralling offering by Ramil Ganjoo points out the pretentious culture
of our society. Since when did empathising with someone become a sign of
being vulnerable & weak? Mumbai-based musician’s take on this selfish
ideology that clashes against his Morales is a solid fit for the pensive mood.

Kehne Laga – Rushil Aswal

Probably everyone has a threshold for pain, a certain measure of sorrow you
can handle until you give up on everyone around. Singer/Songwriter Rushil
Aswal’s eloquent writing & mushy-melancholic vocals in this stripped-down
acoustic song would be relatable to a bunch of heartbroken exhausted
millennials who restrain to express themselves even if there are a gazillion
thoughts on their mind.

Layman Melody – Xeede

22-year old-Ayush a.k.a Xeede is going through an identity crisis but he is
still pretty quirky about it, which can be sensed from the lines -“Na Peeche ka
kuch sahi tha, Na Aage ka pata ha, na Yakeen! Na gaoon cheesy lines, ye bas
hai Layman Melody”. Xeede has merged electronically produced sublime
beats, sax with an eargasmic guitar solo & heavy bass lines as he portrays his
whimsical self.

Shayad ke Mai Zinda Nahin – Cha’bi

Delhi-based Cha’bi’s dysphoric single ruminates over the unexplored corners
of the mind and is essentially an ode to accepting the reality & coming to
terms with the fact that this is how ‘I have become now’. Straightforward
lyricism & Akshay Kapoor’s baritone voice make this a gratifying listen for
those 3 A.M moods when you’re reminiscing about your past.

Raeyna – Pehchaan Mujhe

This next one on our list has blurred the lines between Soul R&B and IndieRock in his self-love anthem ‘Pehchaan Mujhe’. Delhi-based musician
Raeyna’s propelling vocals has a way to compel the listeners to go on an
introspection trip, because after all, you can’t fight the world unless you make
peace with the demons inside you.

DO/DON’T – Saachi

In her alternative pop hit ‘DO/DON’T,’ Saachi takes the ‘Sorry Not Sorry’
approach, as she starts going through the polar opposite of FOMO (Fear of
Missing Out). The vocal warbling during the catchy hook, acoustic
strumming & Saachi’s ‘I can’t help it’ attitude is a whole mood.

I am Who I am – Friends of Linger

Blues-Rock collective ‘Friends of Linger’ extends their exuberant vibes on ‘I
Am Who I Am’, which talks about accepting God’s creation regardless of
gender, sexual preference, religion, colour. The song switches to and fro
between groovy A cappella sections & shrilling Rock ’n’ roll chorus
intertwined with articulate writing making it an almost satirical upbeat

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