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5 Indie Songs Licensed in the Netflix series Class // Sync Spotlight

Sync Spotlight aims to showcase examples of music licensing in India and across the globe – be it in web series, ads or films.
Warning: major spoilers ahead!!

Class is a worthy remake of the hit Spanish series Elite, and capitalizes on its setting to present a story ridden with conflict, sex, teenage angst, betrayal, and rebellion. Focusing on the complexities emerging after three underprivileged kids receive a scholarship into a snobbish high society school, the story finds its heart in the mystery surrounding the death of the daughter of a wealthy real estate magnate. 

Probably the most outstanding facet of the show is it’s stellar lineup of licensed tracks. Music Supervisor Faustin Missier has dug deep into the independent music scene around our country and emerged with an impressive roster of diverse artists and eclectic songs that give this sensationalist series its perfect cherry on top.

  1. Kehdena – Faizan, Natiq

Produced and engineered by beatmaker Natiq, and penned and performed by singer- guitarist Faizan, this track is light and airily beautiful with a barely-there touch of melancholy. 

The lyrics of this song as it plays in the scene foreshadows the development and destruction of what is probably the only relationship in the series that isn’t dysfunctional. Musically, the song mirrors their careful first steps, wrought with a curious determination, into a world completely unknown to them. 

  1. Tum Kaafi Ho – Zahra Paracha

Understated and beautiful, the song’s arc – both musically and lyrically, is a reflection of both hopefulness and the idea that you are enough. This means a lot to both characters in the scene as they address their own self-esteem issues and their budding relationship. 

Outside of the series’ context, this stripped-down song proves that Singer-Songwriter and Producer Zahra Paracha is no ordinary artist.

  1. Hum Kal Mein – Janoobi Khargosh ft. Umer Khan 

The lyrics of this song speak of us going back to the past; and it really does take you to a place you didn’t think existed. That makes it perfect for this scene which portrays all our characters in a drug-fuelled rave, so you know the ones that haven’t already made some bad decisions are about to, very soon. 

With producer Janoobi Khargosh joined by Umer Khan of Poor Rich Boy on vocals, a Tame Impala-meets-Stone Roses sort of musical landscape emerges and enthrals.

  1. Abrakadabra – Sammad

Both the A-story and the B-story characters in this scene are making some risky, manipulative manoeuvres that are supposed to set them comfortably on top. This track, by Delhi-based Producer and Rapper Sammad drips with braggadocio and talks about putting oneself first, cutting down your opponents and other quintessential brag track things. The boombap beats featured are an addictive nod to old school hip-hop.


With some unexpectedly hard-hitting lyrics, this song is perfectly placed in a seemingly endless and brutal fight scene. You’ll be surprisingly captivated watching all the male characters in the show getting beaten to a pulp by their friends and opponents juxtaposed over Producer 3BHK’s unsettling beat perfectly complimenting Rapper and Lyricist EZZYLAND’s quiet, confident swagger.

It is crucial for major OTT shows like CLA$$ to support local independent musicians. By providing a platform for these artists to reach a wider audience, they foster creativity, innovation, and cultural representation. Moreover, showcasing independent musicians creates opportunities for them to gain recognition, expand their careers, and contribute to a thriving ecosystem of diverse voices and musical expressions.