Heard Music

Artists & Partners

We take pride in working with a lovely bunch of Music Directors specializing in their own styles.

While they handle the composition side of things, we partner with quality catalog owners around the world to license music from.

Soham Pathak // Yush

Having award-winning experience as a Music Director on Marathi films, Soham also does music for web shows and ads.

He releases music under his artist moniker ‘Yush!’ – where he explores English songwriting in genres like RnB, electronic and pop.

Soham loves to go on long drives, singing along to everything from A.R Rahman to The Weeknd.

Rahul Kannan

Apart from being a founder and Music Supervisor at Heard, Rahul is also a Music Composer and  Producer with a passion for contemporary, world, classical and pop music.

He has experience working in collaboration with a number of independent artists, and has also provided music for web shows, short films, and advertisements for renowned brands.

In his spare time Rahul loves watching and dissecting quality TV shows and films.


A label with a vast catalog of songs that reflect musical traditions from the deep interiors of India. 

Folk music can also do wonders when layered with modern sounds, or even when placed in a contrasting, contemporary setting.


A music company based in the US, having high quality western contemporary music in various styles.

From incredibly recorded orchestral works, to rock and blues bands – everything is authentic and sounds brilliant.

Pop Arabia

Pop Arabia represents local and emerging talent in the Middle East.

Their founder – Spek, is also a part of Reservoir, a company that signed many global pop artists, including our very own Divine in early 2020.


A global giant like Universal may feel intimidating or pricey, but that’s far from the truth.

Our friends here ensure that they share their best prices and catalog for licensing with us.