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FAQ // Music Supervision


  • Submit an enquiry here
  • Brief or spotting session with the Director
  • We prepare a free Music Pitch – songs, composers, budget allocation and payment terms

    Once approved, we:

  • Commission the right music directors
  • Contact rights owners and negotiate licenses for approved songs
  • Execute legal paperwork

If music is an important aspect of your project then yes, you can benefit from hiring a Music Supervisor.

We look after creative, administrative as well as legal functions to run your project’s music department.
Also, we are not limited to our own creative resources. We license music from our allies across the music industry in India and the world.

  • Licensing can add immense production value (Examples)
  • Good background use gives situational authenticity to a scene
  • Good foreground use lends a fresh sound to a scene
  • Time-saving for the music director
  • Can be cost effective in some cases
  • Possibility for collaborative marketing strategies

Licensing fees are negotiable, based on various factors:

  • Type of use (background or foreground, how important it is to the story)
  • Term (time period) of usage
  • Geographical territory of the release
  • Medium of release/broadcast
  • Status of the artist/owner of the song
  • The viewership your project will get

    It can be very expensive or extremely economical.

Yes. For original music, we represent a boutique list of unique and experienced Music Directors, Lyricists and Artists.

If you need to license a single song, it could take anywhere between 5-15 days to find the right track, contact the copyright owners and negotiate a license. Projects like web shows and films can take longer.
This is why we recommend reaching out to us right after a script is ready.