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ALTER-NARRATIVE // Sociopolitical

This blog series explores different musical takes and narratives on one theme. We specifically make an attempt to shine the light on upcoming independent talent across the country.

6 songs that highlight the sociological aspects of our society

When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty. It’s no wonder that
words when combined with music have the ability to transcend through
multiple layers of mind, compelling the listener to introspect. Many artists
have been using this weapon to spark a revolution and to address the taboos
that are prevalent in our society. Check out 6 such tracks by some up &
coming independent musicians.

Naveen Koomar – Mudda kya hai?

Rapper Naveen Koomar’s declamatory writing leaves an indelible
impression on the listeners. Whoever controls the media, controls the mind,
in ‘Mudda kya hai?’. The Delhi-based rhymer points his fingers towards the
fake journalism that has spread its roots all over the country. Koomar is
enraged about the kind of news these media outlets cover, such as celebrities consuming drugs over the farmers who commit suicide due to starvation, and the same can be comprehended from his downright blatant rap.

Deepak Peace – Kitne Dino ke baad

Blend protest poetry with harmonicas, guitars & folk style singing and you
get the Pune-based musician – Deepak Peace. His song ‘Kitne Dino ke baad’, a
tight coherent piece is an appeal to the all the leaders to put an end to wars
that claim multiple innocent lives. The chorus, sung in harmony by a choir,
gives the track a retro feel and instills in the listener a patriotic yet rebellious

Naqaab47 – Andolan (Prod. By Shoals)

What if the people chosen to defend you end up being your destroyers?
‘Andolan’, as the name suggests is a rap song that addresses the atrocities
perpetrated by political leaders against minorities and others whose voices go
unheard in the population of 1.3 billion. Naqaab47, with his emphatic verses,
attempts to awaken the people who are unbothered by political violence before
it’s too late.

Mukt – Khajoor – The Mystic, The philosophy

This art-rock collective from Gujarat is known for incorporating our rich
culture and literature into their music. In a world devoid of empathy, where
the ego reigns supreme, ‘Mukt’ created this contemporary fusion track with
Sant Kabir’s Dohas to remind us that good deeds should take precedence
over possessions.

OffBeat India – Insaaf

What good is justice for someone who has lost their soul? The rape statistics
in our country are horrifying enough, above that the justice rate is less than
30% – and that’s only for the cases that go to court. OffBeat India channels the
above message through their track ‘Insaaf’. The Hindi rock band stands
strong against this ineffable crime against women, the majority of whom are
silenced before they get the opportunity to speak up.

Fiddlecraft – Bakre ki Amma

If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the
oppressor. The Pune-based folk-rock act ‘Fiddlecraft’ has integrated spoken
word poetry in this song and is urging the delusional common man to rise up
against the government’s abuse of power & their useless charades.

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